Picture it – a summer day, windows down, breeze blowing in and you’re blasting down the highway. There is a feeling of freedom there that every one of us has felt in our lifetime. Then there is the music; it is essential to the overall experience. It has to be something that kicks and sounds great when played at extreme volumes. It has to flow perfectly with the sound of the rubber hitting the pavement; that soothing sound that makes you forget about the world for a little while. Now that you are in that setting let me introduce my music selection for that perfect moment – CRAZY LIXX “RUFF JUSTICE”

Let me digress a little by mentioning that not since the explosion of the Mutt Lang produced Def Leppard albums of the early-mid 80’s have I heard a band bang out so many great hooks and huge, melodic hard rock songs. The Lixx boys have done this to perfection since the bands formation in 2007 and there is no sign of them slowing down. I dare anyone to find a Crazy Lixx song that has a forgettable chorus; did hell freeze over? This isn’t just a new Crazy Lixx album, it’s an event. Now jump in your car, roll the windows down, put the pedal down and crank the Lixx.

Opening the album is “Wild Child” which enters in with a creepy night time stir and with a blink of an eye the guitars kick in and the massive wall of sound takes over. The doors shake with the pounding beat and monster chorus “She’s Such A Wild Child!” You know that this is what hard rock is all about. Danny Rexon with a smooth, but edgy vocal delivery; guitars, distortion, mega rhythm and topping it all off the cherry on top, a bombastic chorus.

Track 2, “XIII” has more of the same, smooth flow and melodic chorus that this band just has the knack for delivering and with “Walk the Wire” the band brings a more subdued, power ballad with plenty of octane. The song has so much passion, yet has a ton of grit. Crazy Lixx is diverse and the band transitions from ballad to mid-tempo to full out rocker with such ease that I often wonder if I’m listening to the same band; yes, they really are that good.

Having been a fan of these guys since the “New Religion” album dropped in 2010, I can see a maturity within the band even through the line-up change with the addition of Guitarists Chrisse Olsson and Jens Lundgren who stand out on this album.

“Ruff Justice” is textbook Lixx thru and thru and the system of precise melody driven rock that is followed is perfection.  Listening to “Shot With A Needle of Love” and “Killer” the hooks are massive. The latter offers a soothing opening with Rexon’s mesmerizing, vocals taking you into a trance-like state before the guitars fire in and take over the bridge. Olsson and Lundgren rip through the solos with such precision and feeling that I am finding myself rewinding the solos to hear them again. Track 6 “Hunter Of The Heart” has more of the same; huge chorus, powerful melody and MASSIVE hooks. Crazy Lixx is a candy flavor that stays with you and when you hear a chorus from any of their albums, you will remember it.

The first single released from the album is “Snakes In Paradise” which has a mid-tempo tone that just penetrates your soul. Harmony vocals are plenty and powerful the whole way thru. Diversity is an element that you get with Crazy Lixx and nobody belts out a power ballad better and with “If It’s Love” you get one of their best. There is so much feeling that comes across here and Rexon is tremendous with his mastery of emotion in a vocal melody. The guitar solo again, is melodic and driven; it fits the song like a glove. Listening here is like having your ear next to the speaker with the volume pounding and a pillow embracing it all; it’s a sense of pure melody and power that I can never get enough of.

I am begging for more and that is when “Kiss Of Judas” roars in like a tornado. My favorite track on the album has the speed of an Indy car and handles like a gem.  This one has a Mega chorus that brings the previous albums to the fore-front and reminds me of everything that is great about this band; the hooks.

Bringing the album to a conclusion, the boys offer up one more gem in “Live Before I Die.” Another piece of modern art that you can’t stop listening to and if you are a fan of melodic hard rock, you will never stop listening to Crazy Lixx.

What more can I say about one of the Best melodic hard rock acts that have hit the scene in the last 20 years. When I see the name Crazy Lixx I know what I am getting and that is a massive kick in the ass and a hook in my mouth that drags me in with monster hooks and mega melodies. I’m all in with “Ruff Justice” and the windows in my car will never be up with this on. The world needs to hear and my vehicle will be the instrument to make that happen. Grab a dose of “Ruff Justice.”



Danny Rexon – vocals

Joél Cirera – drums

Jens Sjöholm – bass guitar

Chrisse Olsson – guitar

Jens Lundgren – guitar



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