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DEFY THE TIDE – “SOTERIA” – Album Review

When bands start out in the music business, there is always a learning curve. A band that understands that quality in songwriting, structure, recording and presentation are all a bigger part of the overall picture than just playing live will have a huge advantage from the start. That willingness to do the little things right is what has set Defy the Tide apart from so many young bands. Having MEGA talent doesn’t hurt either and this band possesses enough to fill the talent pool to overflowing.

I first heard this band by chance when Matthew Friede, the bands guitarist, sent me a message on Facebook messenger inviting me to check out the band. I jumped on to their website at and immediately headed to where the music was. Everyone that knows me knows that getting to hear new music is Christmas to my ears and my first listen to Defy The Tide has been etched into my mind ever since. I remember saying to myself “This Is A Local Band?”

On to 2017 and the bands new release “SOTERIA” which offers a meatier production and a crispness that showcases the bands talent even further.  I have decided to write this review as I listen to the album in real time for the first time. What better way to deliver my impression than taking you with me on this journey to experience this for yourselves.

Opening the album is “Traced In Flames” which has a touch of vintage Judas Priest overtones mixed with a massive, modern, power metal drive that begs for the metal horns to fly. Carly Rose is one of the smoothest, melodic, power metal vocalists that I have ever heard and her tone is flat out stellar. She consistently delivers vocal lines that captures the song from the deepest fathoms and provides the perfect essence to capture the music. The band compliments perfectly on this like red on a rose; a metaphor for how truly defined this album is. Precise guitar riffs by Matthew Friede and Jesse Scott complimented by the thunderous rhythm section of Greg Fistick and Luke Tenley drive “Traced” with a power that personifies a band that is hungry.

Track 2 “Catalyst” is heavier and kicks in with a sinister crunch. The band spreads its wings and offers a touch more diversity on this album, but this one is just flat-out raw power. Up-tempo and driven, the band offers twists of melody with high octane vocal lines that produce a definitive Defy The Tide classic.

Track 3 “Primrose Path” has a slight kick of the modern progressive feel with an off-beat flow that offers several progression changes; Dark and mysterious with some parts of the tune even have a King Diamond flair musically. There is plenty of power to go around.

“A Spectre In Silence” enters my headphones with a Judas Priestesque guitar riff that flows nicely into the steady wall of rhythm with Greg Fistick’s pounding Bass and Luke Tenley’s double kick stampede. Defy delivers something that is not just a run of the mill song. They provide elements of Iron Maiden in the way that the song slows into an eerie, dreamlike phase with Carly Rose beautifully singing over the chorus amplified guitar of Matthew Friede and Jesse Scott. There is heaviness and mellowness within an album that touches all of the senses; isn’t that the reason that we listen to great music in the first place?

Defy the Tide offers something that is different with a combination of classic metal, progressive rock and modern elements that are molded together to generate a stellar album. This band has everything that is needed to reach the upper echelon of the power metal world; Great songs that generate a passion and a heavy, yet melodic power that penetrates the heart and soul. Combine all of this with stellar musicianship, out of this world vocalist and the willingness and hunger to achieve and you’ve got one stellar band.  If you are a power metal fan then “SOTERIA” should be in your regular rotation. Melodic Power Metal offers up its secrets to the universe and the best kept secret is Defy The Tide.


“SOTERIA” Track List:

  1. Traced in Flames
  2. Catalyst
  3. Primrose Path
  4. A Spectre in Silence


 Check out Defy The Tide at:



Vocals / Carly Rose

Guitar / Jesse Scott

Guitar / Matthew Friede

Bass / Greg Fristick

Drums / Luke Tenley


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