What I have always loved about hard rock music is not only the great music itself, but the artist’s that create the music. So many colorful characters and SO MUCH incredible talent. When I think of the truly great frontmen and vocalists I think of David Lee Roth, Dee Snider, Ronnie James Dio and David Coverdale who in my opinion are among the very best of the era. They just had the knack of getting the audiences attention and they have the persona to draw attention not only to the music, but to the overall appeal of the band. When I think of the greats, I also look at the frontmen who do not get mentioned enough and who deliver a style and a mystique and are just as powerful and one of the best is David Reece. Former frontman for Accept (Eat the Heat) and Bangalore Choir, Reece is now fronting a powerful hard rock band carrying the banner of Sainted Sinners. With Reece’s powerful and soulful voice, Sainted Sinners is set to launch a melodic hard rock  assault on the worldwide audience. This Sainted Sinner has been delivering a style that has transcended era’s and is poised to take his talents to another stratosphere with a truly tremendous debut album. Here is my February 17 th Skype interview with the great David Reece………….

REECE: “Early To Bed, Early to rise, put on your shades and advertise!!” Do you like that saying? I stole it from I guy that I used to work for, he was a painter. That was a saying he used to use, “Early to bed, early to rise, put on your hat and advertise!” He would put on a hat with his company name and everyone say “Hey, that’s Your Company.” He was very proud of that, so I said “Put on your shades and advertise.”

FASTLANE: Hilarious, that’s what you gotta do.

FASTLANE: The first thing that I want to say is that I have been a big fan for a long time. I don’t know if you can see this, but its one of my favorite cd’s (I hold up the Bangalore Choir cd.)

REECE: AH!!! That’s an interesting one. NICE!!!!!! You know that it’s 25 years ago today was the release date?

FASTLANE: No, I didn’t know that. That’s amazing!

REECE: Yeah, I didn’t even know it. It was on Facebook. Someone posted it today. “25 Years Ago Today” and I’m like, “WHAT?”

FASTLANE: I can’t believe that it’s been 25 years!

REECE: YOU? LOL. Look at me.

FASTLANE: That cd is great because its a sleeper, every song is great on it. Its not just a filler and hey we have one great song on here. It really is an excellent album all the way through. I’ve been listening to it since 92. It’s an honor to speak with you.

REECE: The pleasure is all mine, bro.

REECE: That album was my baby after Accept. I played literally only 9 shows in California before I got offered a deal from everybody in that business to sign that band. I mean, I had a great band behind me. Curt Mitchell, probably one of the greatest guitar players to ever walk the earth and its to bad how it ended up. It’s still painful. We were thrown under the bus by the industry which is pretty normal, but I didn’t know that the album was so big in Europe. It maintained that status for a few years until grunge took here, I mean Italy. I mean England and Germany, they loved it. When I finally did some reunion shows in England, people were like, “Yeah, we waited 19 years, thanks a lot.” “This was the record of my life, it changed my childhood.” I was told that it was over, give it up, go get a day job and I believed them. I should’ve just got on a plane and gypsied. Play coffee house just to keep the band alive.

FASTLANE: You never know though. You never know what’s gonna take and how long things are going to last.

REECE: You believe the rats in the business, they know everything you think, its like the bible. The truth is that the bands honestly know more and so do the people that listen, right?

FASTLANE: Right. Exactly.

FASTLANE: The new Sainted Sinners album is excellent. I got the materials sent to me to review from AFM and as soon as I saw your name on there I said “I know this is gonna be good.” You know, you got that style; it’s got the good 70’s style to it, the Deep Purple, who I am a big fan of. I was 5 years old when my parents bought me the Machine Head album because I liked “Smoke On The Water.” LOL.

REECE: I got about 7 years on you because that was my first album and I was about 12 or 13 years old when that came out. I remember that day because I bought that album and Alice Cooper’s “Schools Out.”

FASTLANE: That’s another great album.

REECE: So, what is your favorite song off of Machine Head?

FASTLANE: I would probably have to say that its still “Smoke on the Water.” I guess its because liking it as kid. I use to have a rocking horse, you know one of the one’s with the springs and my parents had me on it and I used to rock to “Smoke On The Water.” LOL.

REECE: Yeah, one of those white maned, big, plastic horses and you could rock back and forth. LOL. I had one of those too.

FASTLANE: LOL. Bet you’ve never heard that in an interview, huh?

REECE: That’s what I like about, good, honest interviews, you can talk about what we really liked and what we lived like. You bounced to “Smoke on the Water” and I started screaming “Pictures Of Home” off of that album in my bedroom with a tennis racket. That was my favorite track. The B’ side off of that freakin record was my favorite, you know. I told a guy that in an interview once. He told me to pick a song from your past that I can play on my show and I picked “Pictures Of Home;” Sweden, I think it was and the guy went absolutely nuts because it was his favorite song too.

FASTLANE: That’s awesome. You can tell how it reflects in the material that you have had over the years.

FASTLANE: When I first heard the Sainted Sinners album and saw the video for “We’re All Sainted Sinners” I really enjoyed it from the start. “Night of the Long Knives” is the one that I really like.

REECE: That song, actually I was going to do a different running order. Another guy in Germany, who’s is pretty good at knowing what to pick said “Na Na Na, If we’re gonna open the doors for the journalists, let’s put “Night Of The Long Knives” and he called it. Everybody say’s “I love that song.” He called that one. I was gonna put like “Shine Diamond Girl” or something because I’m an American thinking that it will appeal to the radio audience, but I was completely wrong.

FASTLANE: You never know what people are going to like. Some of the song’s that you think aren’t going to be a hit are and you think it’s the right choice, you know.

REECE: Actually, the last interview that I did, “Shine Diamond Girl” was his favorite track, but 90% of them are what you said “Night Of The Long Knives.”

FASTLANE: I think it’s because when it opens the album it kinda sets the tone like “Hey, this is what we’re about.”  A lot of good stuff on there. To hear you in this band, how did this band form? What was behind it?

REECE: Well, I was in Bonfire about, well I started in EZ Livin with Hans Ziller and he was still in the act of the original Bonfire, well, I say original, but it was just Claus and him. I just found out that band has had 25 members in 30 years, actually the other day.


REECE: Yeah. Anyway, long story short, Hans reached out to me, I was in Montana, Michael Voss, who is Playing in Phantom 5 with Claus said “Get David Reece for this project.” “He would be perfect.” I had met Hans in England and in Germany when I was doing the Accept album and I saw Bonfire on the Judas Priest tour in 87, I think and they were HUGE in those days. He called and said, I really want you to sing on this record, what’s your price and I said ok, I’ll do it. About 2 weeks after I delivered the files to him he said are you available to tour? I said stop right now. If you’re not serious about it, I don’t wanna hear about dates cause everyone says that there gonna tour and it never happens. He said “No, I’ve got 10 confirmed shows if you wanna do it.” “I can put you on a plane.” I said “Ok.” Like a week later I was in Germany again playin shows. I think we played about 40 gigs together that year or so, in 2014. At the end of that year, Claus had announced his departure from Bonfire. Hans and I had worked together for that time and he’s going to buy the name and I’m going to be the new Bonfire guy. That’s how it happened. We proceeded going on as Bonfire. So, after the implosion the communication between Hans and I became just dire and unbearable because he hired a manager who I have absolutely no respect for and basically he said so keep your manager and find somebody else so I said “Alright, I’ll see you.” I’m out in December of 2016. Well, in July of 2016 I get the heads-up that this is my last gig at a big festival, so it wasn’t a very fun show. I went home, I live in the North of Italy so I drove home, it was about 2 hours and I thought “What am I gonna do?” I brought the road crew with me to my house and I thought, this is insane, we hung out and Frank called me; Frank Pane’ the guitarist in Sainted Sinners and said “Hey, this ended very sticky and I need to talk to you.” “MY wife is going to be working in the South of Italy and I have to take her there, can I come to your house with my kids and hang out?” I said “Ok, so what do you want?” He said “I feel terrible.” “I want this to continue with you.”  “You’re one of my favorite singers of my whole life.” I have this album that I wrote for a band that I was in called Perpendicular, would you be interested in doing it?” I said “Not under that name!” He said “No, No, No, something totally new.” So he played me  a song that turned into “Truth Is A Lie.” We wrote it here at my kitchen table where I’m sitting now in about 5 minutes. I went wow!

FASTLANE: That’s incredible.

REECE: Then he played me like 4 other songs that he had recorded for that band and I said “Leave them here.” I think at the end of that first week I finished those and I went over to Germany and we tracked 4 or 5, “Shine Diamond Girl,”Truth Is a Lie,” “The Love That I Have Found,” I think “Beauty and the Beast.” We tracked those and I knew that we were on to it, we had it. So we wrote a few songs like “We’re All Sainted Sinners” in his living room. I said “We need an anthemic thing about the band” and I started singing the chorus and he pretty much composed it behind what I did. So that’s how it happened. Frank is a, I have to say everywhere I’ve been, like if we’ll be at a restaurant having dinner  and Frank will get up to go to the bathroom or to the bar and whoever we are sitting with will say He is the nicest and coolest guy. I’ve never heard anything bad about him. He’s a total pro, a great husband a great father and he’s a musician’s musician’s too. I admire the guy. That’s how it worked.

FASTLANE: That helps the songwriting process too as a songwriter and as a musician, when you click like that.

REECE: You have to like the person too. You really have to like each other. You don’t have to love each other, but you have to have that admiration and go “Wow, that kid can play.” I’m afraid Whitesnake will steal him from me. LOL. That would be my luck. Coverdale will start calling when he see’s all this press and magazines and say “Who’s this kid?” “I’ll give him a call to see if he’s available.” LOL.

FASTLANE: Is he even looking for another guitarist? You better look out. He might even go with three guitarists this time just to get everyone in the loop. LOL.

REECE: He could do an acoustic blues album and say “You’re perfect, let me give you a call.” LOL. You never know, this business is kooky. Michael Schenker could call me and I could say “You go to Whitesnake and I’ll work with Schenker and I’ll see you next year.” LOL. I’m just kidding.

FASTLANE: What kind of feedback have you guys gotten from the album so far? It’s excellent.

REECE: Well, to be honest, from the press, 90 out of 100; 85 out of 100. The American response, I’ve been doing this for a long time and I got out of the business for a while and got back in 2007, this album, Dustin said, is as responsive as anything that is coming out. He is saying I’ve got him and I also got David Reece too. Most of the people are saying ” I want to interview him too.” To be honest, this is the first album that I have done in the last 5 or 6 years that America has embraced. Usually, the Europeans are good to me, but this album has crossed the pond. It’s actually very humbling. I’m actually working on a US tour right now for the East Coast. Hoping that I can set it off on the 21st of June and you know Massachusetts is in line with Pennsylvania. I’ll let you know.  If that works, we’re gonna move up to Canada. We are playing on the 24th, the release day, then the 25th and 26th. Actually on the 25th, in the morning, we are playing an in store, an acoustic for the fans, an autograph day.

FASTLANE: That’s great!

REECE: There’s 4 shows in 3 days. Then the week after that, I think, we’re in Austria and Switzerland. Then we go to Bulgaria. Then hopefully America happens and of course we come back and we’re in line for the big festivals. As a new band you know, Frank is still in Bonfire. We’re working against schedules to find times where he can play and we can play. So, it’s going and it’s going great. I’ve got know complaints. I love the album. I feel like I’ve laid it down to who I am and what I am. I just feel lucky, it’s just luck. It’s really all it is.

FASTLANE: I guess that is the way that it is in any business. To hear that the American response has been that big is fantastic. It seems like we are starting to wake up over here which is nice.

REECE: Cleveland rock station, we are number 4. That hasn’t happened to me since 1991. I got the report and I wrote the guy personally and said “God bless you.” Wow, you know, that’s amazing, so I posted it for bragging rights. I mean that is really cool.

FASTLANE: It is cool that the audience is starting to wake up. I think that what is really cool about the album is that it catches all of the different audiences. It catches the hard rock fans, the metal fans, but it also has a bit of the 70’s style and the Skynyrd and even a little bit of the country style and I know that is your background. I think that is really cool.

REECE: Well, the song “In Need” is tried and true ZZ Top in my opinion. Then you got “Did You” that is me is kind of a Deep Purple “Come Taste The Band” type of thing. Then “Maybe Shes Got Balls,” which will be the second video, the second single released on our release date. That one’s got a real Deep Purple, some people compared it to, the up to “Slide It In” style Whitesnake. Before they got pop, up until that era. The bands that I listened to in those days were Bad Company and the old Deep Purple which is fine with me. You can put me in that bag all day long.

FASTLANE: That’s a great bag to be in. Bad Company, that’s another great band.

REECE: Paul Rodgers is my hero. What a singer. The guy is the epitome of what I want to be. If had that much in this finger as he got naturally, I strive brother, believe me. It’s an athletic sport and it’s full-contact. That guy’s got more in his little finger than I got in this whole body.

FASTLANE: I think that you do pretty damn well. Great singer, great frontman.

REECE: Well thank you man. That’s where I come from, man and you nailed it, that’s what this album is all about. Actually, we got a new album now that we’re working on. I wrote one yesterday and Frank wrote the rest of it. I worked on another one today so we’re about 9 songs into another album, so it’s a real band. I’ve been telling a lot of the interviewers wouldn’t it be classic if I could go out and open for Dead Daises. With the 70’s revival us opening for Doug and John. That would be perfect. “Doug, if your listening it’s Reece, give me a call.”

FASTLANE: Actually Corobi is doing an acoustic show out here in March.

REECE: I think that Mendoza is here in Italy doing an acoustic show so he’s doing an acoustic thing himself.

FASTLANE: That’s really cool, a lot of the guys are doing different things and like I said American audiences are starting to wake up. Unfortunately, as much as I hate to say it, for some reason Pittsburgh does not embrace metal. I mean Iron Maiden isn’t coming here and Metallica doesn’t have a tour date here, but they go everywhere else.

REECE: If the tickets are good and the sales are good, trust me bro, those promoters are going to be vying for a date. I know what you mean though. I get a lot of bands that come thru Italy and they go just go to Rome and I’m an hour from Milan and I say “Cmon, Rome is 6 hours away!” Because I’m a fan to, you know.

FASTLANE: I’m hoping to catch you guys on the East Coast gigs. I would love to see you guys live.

REECE: If the stars align I told everyone that the kickoff date to fly there would be the 21st of June and the first date would be the 22nd. I’m not sure what state it is, but I was thinking Florida and head North. Then get to Canada, Ontario and Montreal then fly home. Perfect, but normally it doesn’t work that way, but I’ll take what I can get. Soon as I know I’m gonna plague the internet with my big mouth. LOL.

FASTLANE: Hell yeah!!!Get it out there. We want to see you. The fans want to see you.

FASTLANE: Do you guys have any plans for doing any merch? Tee shirts?

REECE: Yes, go to We got a bundle pack that’s awesome. We got signed cards, posters, cd’s, tee shirts. I heard they’re gonna do a limited edition LP which is great. I wish that everything was on vinyl, personally. They’re gonna do like 500 copies or a thousand LP’s. This bundle pack is really cool. It’s a great poster, great card.

FASTLANE: I’ve been sharing the video and I’ve had friends getting back and asking where can I get this. This is great! It’s been getting some good feedback.

REECE: Just go to DavidandNadia Reece join my page and let’s join together and start a fire. If we don’t have enough fire trucks that’s fine we’ll let it burn down. Let’s go.

FASTLANE: I wish you mega success on the tour and with the album, you deserve it. I look forward to seeing you on the tour. You have a great weekend.

REECE: Thanks, brother. Let me know when you put this out. You have a great weekend as well. Chow.



  1. Knight of the Long Knives
    2. Beauty in the Beast
    3. Maybe She’s Got Balls
    4. We’re All Sainted Sinners
    5. Blue Lightning Man
    6. The Love That I Have Found
    7. Did You
    8. In Need
    9. Evangeline
    10. Shine Diamond Girl
    11. Truth Is a Lie


David Reece (vocals)
Frank Pane’ (guitar)
Ferdy Doernberg (keyboards)
Malte Frederik Burkert (bass)
Berci Hirleman (drums)


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