Mark Huff Resurfaces With Steel Mountain Crossing – Back With A Vengeance

Former Quiet Riot vocalist Mark Huff resurfaces with Steel Mountain Crossing new single Night Screams and covers. 

Beginning with a heavy, crushing riff which instantly drives the song forward and leads to a mighty chorus, the song is the perfect paradigm of the speed and epic vibe of their new album, Hung Like A Horse, via dragoncitydemo.bandcamp.com  

The band has also released several new singles via youtube of their favorite cover songs from Ron Keel, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steeler, TT  Quick , Icon and Slade’s classic Gudbuy T Jane. 

 The material was played by the American quartet: Mark Huff, New York City session guitarist Dennis D. ( Mina Caputo Notorious B.I.G Adam Pascal, Mayhem) Bobby Hahm and Christian Mannino. Huff states; ” It’s great to be back kicking ass, Dennis is the best guitarist in New York City and has put together a great bunch of guys who know their way around a stage and recording studio.” Steel Mountain Crossing will play select dates and cities this summer with details coming 
New Steel Mountain Crossing single Night Screams and new Ep Hung Like A Horse available via dragoncitydemo.bandcamp.com and gaining traction on youtube now.


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