Mystic Prophecy Raise The Power Metal Bar with “Hellriot”

Power Metal is about aggression, bringing speed with a mighty arsenal of melodic tones that release an emotion unlike any other to the listener. I know that when I want to just let loose, there is no better thirst-quencher than a great piece of powerful metal blowing up a good set of headphones. In this genre there are so many that package the power mixed with the modern/clean production that sometimes there is no way to distinguish one band from another. That is not the case with German, Power Metal masters Mystic Prophecy. Their 12th studio album “Hellriot” is yet another, pure, classic sounding, riff-based monster that exemplifies that when it comes to doing Power Metal right, nobody does it better than Mystic Prophecy.

Opening this album is a massive wall of guitars that hits like the tsunami that is “Hellriot.” Markus Pohl and Evan K absolutely rip into the track and I know that I am in for quite a magical ride. A straight-forward, classic metal riff that flows perfectly with R.D. Liapakis delivering the aggressive vocal lines that we know and love.  Joey Roxx and Hanno Kerstan provide the thunder with a rhythm wall that rolls over you like a stampede. This is exactly what I want in an opening track and this sets the tone for 10 more tracks that compete for supremacy.

More of the same with track #2 “Unholy Hell.” The bells ring in the intro and a distortion that reminds me so much of vintage Accept.  I feel wired to the max right out of the gate like a bull in a ring, hungry for more.

I get the ultimate quencher with “Demons Of The Night,” a driving, melodic, juggernaut of a song that is right in my wheelhouse. “We Are The Demons Of The Night,” “Together We Run For Cover” this is exactly how it should be done and Mystic Prophecy nails it.

The album progresses through smoothly like a warm glass of Jack with an icy tingle. Tracks Like “Metal Attack” and the darker “Paranoia” continue to drive the album and if you have not been totally knocked on your ass, then just wait for the rest.

With “Revenge And Fire” I get the stampede of drums and the twin-axe attack ripping through my veins; this is very reminiscent of Primal Fear and the German way of doing Power Metal to a superior level. As with “Rising With The Storm,” there is a chemistry, a formula that works to perfection.  Heavy yet melodic is how this rules and I am following.

Track 8, “Road To Babylon” offers a slight bit of mid-tempo elements as it progresses through a mass of melodies that let the listener take a small breath to take it all in. This is a great song that brings massive power, Judas Priestesque guitar vibe and a burning fire of soulful harmonies.

There is no slow down as “Azrael” blows in like a tornado with another storm in “Cross The Line,” that has a touch of commercial or as much commercial as power metal can have; Two very hard-driving songs that are fine-tuned and take the listener on the final phase of the Melodic, Power Metal journey that is “Hellriot.”

The album is wrapped up perfectly with “World On Fire,” a powerful and heavy rocker that just seals the deal like buying a million dollar home; maybe you don’t need it, but man, you just have to have it.

In closing, Mystic Prophecy continues to release massive and compelling albums that just flat-out crank. There is so much here to love and the formula for writing great songs remains with this band. 12 albums strong and “Hellriot” delivers everything that you want in a power metal album; 11 tracks that are strong, powerful, melodic and drive like a vintage muscle car; throttle buried. Turn the volume to 11 and make the neighbors know that there is a “Hellriot” on the loose.  

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Mystic Prophecy:
R.D. Liapakis – Vocals
Markus Pohl – Guitar
Evan K – Guitar
Joey Roxx – Bass
Hanno Kerstan – Drums

Cover Artwork & Layout by Dusan Markovic
Additional layout by Michael Gladigau
Photos by Frank Kollbi

 01. Hellriot
 02. Unholy Hell
 03. Demons Of The Night
 04. Metal Attack
 05. Paranoia
 06. Revenge And Fire
 07. Rising With The Storm
 08. Road To Babylon
 09. Azrael
 10. Cross The Line
 11. World On Fire

The next MYSTIC PROPHECY live dates: 
 22.04.23 · DE – Schapen // Mosh’n’May
 06.05.23 · DE – Braunschweig // Rock in Rautheim
 17.05.23 · DE – Memmingen // Kaminwerk
 18.05.23 · DE – Mannheim // 7er Club
 19.05.23 · DE – Schirnding // Gemeindehalle
 20.05.23 · DE – Oberhausen // Kulttempel
 07.07.23 · DE – Irslingen // Wolfweez Open Air
 15.07.23 · DE – Bornhöved // Blizzard Open Air
 29.07.23 · DE – Laichingen // Rock Dein Leben
 04.08.23 · AT – Rattenberg // INNROCKreloaded Festival
 12.08.23 · HR – Rajevo Selo // Pannonian Rock Festival
 26.08.23 · DE – Erkelenz // Metal De Houte Festival
 23.09.23 · DE – Neuenstadt a. K. // Stadthalle
 06.10.23 · CZ – Zliv // RockTime KD
 07.10.23 · DE – Freising // Lindenkeller

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