Heavens Edge – Melodic Rock Perfection With “Get It Right”

The 80’s and early 90’s brought, in my opinion, the best music and the highest talent of any era in music history. There were many massively popular artists and there were even more who should’ve been household names. Lack of label and PR support and the obvious financial backing kept some of the best at bay only to part ways with the scene and become only footnotes in our Hard Rock history books. One of these bands is Philadelphia’s Heavens Edge. If greatness is in the eye of the beholder (In this case the ear of the beholder) then these boys from Philly have made many ears smile. 25 Years since they released their “Sophomore” album “Some Other Place, Some Other Time,” Heavens Edge is back with their new album “Get It Right;” 25 years in the making and hard rock alchemy has come together to manifest pure gold.

If you are a fan of the band’s debut and the follow-up (Some Other Place, Some Other Time) you know that magic melodies, massive hooks, huge guitars and all of the head banging and ear-splitting vocals were more than what any cd case or vinyl packaging could handle. Heavens Edge has always been a band that put the song first and the quality that has been a statement of this band is a testament to the musicians and their commitment to their art.

The album opens with “Had Enough” a hard-driving, heavy pounding romp that has the vibe that many of the tracks on “Some Other Place, Some Other Time” had, but with just a hint of modern elements to take the band into the 21st Century. The classic, textbook sound is there and I know that I am in for a very special ride, Heavens Edge is back and the music world is a better place because of it.

I see the volume control rise with “Gone Gone Gone,” a song that harkens me back to the band’s debut and the album that cemented me as a massive fan of this band. This song is straight up melodic hard rock that Mark Evans delivers with soulful, vocal intensity. Guitarist Reggie Wu stands out with a mega-smooth solo that defines the melody line so perfectly that you feel it through your soul. One of the standout tracks on the album and it reminds me of how much I missed hearing new music from these guys.

Nothing Left, But Goodbye” has the groovy, slide guitar reminiscent of another of Philly’s standouts, Cinderella. The song drifts right into the main bridge and chorus that just sticks in your head as any great song should.

The album flows like a fine wine and just as the early days, Heavens Edge brings a nice, mid-tempo, heart-felt song in “What Could’ve Been.” This is a track that could fit perfectly on modern radio just as much as the best classic rock stations.

As the album rolls on and I listen through, there is one song that just hits me and makes me reminisce about the days of my youth and that is “When The Lights Go Down.” I just have to listen again and then again, so much power and passion brought to perfection; big hook and excellent backing vocal melodies. If I had to point out a sure-fire hit on this album, this is it.

It’s amazing to me that this band has not put out a new album for 25 years, there are no hiccups here and there is so much here to love that I am listening over and over and wanting more. I get what I want with “Raise Em’ Up,” the heavy and groove-driven up-tempo gem that is signature Heavens Edge. Not only will you Raise Em’ Up, you’ll crank it up.

Many albums put all of the muscle at the beginning and fade into mediocrity in the middle stages, but there is no let up here. Track 7, “9 Lives (My Immortal Life)” kicks in and 1990 is brought right into the 21st Century. This is the reason that this band has always been a standout to me; high power, huge hooks and songs that just beg for the window’s to be rolled down.

Track 8 “Dirty Little Secrets” adds yet another element to the bands repertoire. The track has a solid, 90’s vibe coated with the Heavens edge signature twist that makes this one diverse, yet highly pleasing.

The album concludes on 2 high notes and both put a shiny bow on one excellent, melodic hard rock treasure.

The song “Beautiful Disguise” rips in with a really cool riff that sets the tone for a mega hook-driven rocker that is vintage Heavens Edge. Reggie Wu reminds everyone that he is a guitar player that commands attention and this heavy riff is a statement to the quality of the musicianship that resides here.

The album concludes with “I’m Not The One,” a heavy and groovy rocker that has a nice, modern and classic flow; a great conclusion to 41 minutes of melodic hard rock delight.

If you are a fan of Melodic Hard Rock done with a heavy dose of classic sound and just enough modern to keep the young fans jumping, then “Get It Right” is your Picasso. The album is one of the best Hard Rock albums to drop in the last 5 years (Yes, you heard it here) Heavens Edge has proven that 25 years is well worth the wait.  

“Get It Right” tracklisting:

Had Enough
Gone Gone Gone
Nothing Left But Goodbye
What Could’ve Been
When The Lights Go Down
Raise ‘Em Up
9 Lives (My Immortal Life)
Dirty Little Secrets
Beautiful Disguise
I’m Not The One

Time: 0.41.12

Mark Evans – Lead Vocals
Reggie Wu – Guitars, Backing Vocals
David Rath – Drums, Percussion
Steve Parry – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jaron Gulino – Bass

Produced by: Heavens Edge
Additional Vocal Production: Jacob Bunton

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