COSMOSQUAD, made up of Jeff Kollman (Bombastic Meatbats, Glenn Hughes, Mogg/Way, Asia feat. John Payne) on guitar, Shane Gaalaas (B’z, Diesel Machine, MSG, Uli Jon Roth) on drums, and Kevin Chown (Tarja, Bombastic Meatbats, Paul Gilbert, Artension) on bass are a unique, powerful and diverse trio of musical warriors, based in Los Angeles, CA.  Ever since their eponymous debut release in 1997, COSMOSQUAD has been a force to be reckoned with, one of L.A.’s best kept secrets, yet with a dedicated following spanning all four corners of the globe. 

 The follow-up to 2007’s acclaimed ‘Acid Test’, ‘The Morbid Tango’ marks the band’s inaugural effort with long-time friend Kevin Chown on bass and is a multi-faceted tour-de-force of all things COSMOSQUAD: Virtuosic and melodic guitar playing, drums played with a powerful grace, and bass that lays the bond between them all. ‘The Morbid Tango’, as a concept as well as the masterful musical performance that it is, is also a concept….. a story as to the circle and meaning of life itself, from birth, through the journeys of youth, of love and loss, of wisdom and how no matter what, we all do ascend through death’s door itself. ‘The Morbid Tango’ is a musical and visual adventure, told in vivid sonic colors, viciously visceral one moment, fragile and intimate the next, just as much as COSMOSQUAD is a band like no other, on a mission to redefine and re-inspire people to swing for the fences in life. In the words of the guitar legend Steve Lukather: “This is some of the best most inspiring stuff I have heard in a long time!  Incredible playing and just gorgeous melodic composition. The band is killer!!!! So tasty yet still with fire!” 
“It took awhile for the Cosmos to align itself once again but some things just happen all in good time…..”, states Shane Gaalaas.  “From our early writing jams, it was evident we were onto something profoundly cosmic. We could’ve easily made 3 records from all the ideas we had… just flowed out naturally and uninhibited. We used a couple of first takes live off the floor in there which rarely happens these days but, it just worked! This record feels right for me because it incorporates so many things that I love about music. Firstly, being spontaneity and synergic energy. It’s like the soup broth: If you get that right off the bat, you’re in good shape. There are some masterful arrangements that really take the listener on a ride. Akin to life, it paralleled so much of the roller coaster craziness we had going on during this time and really stretches some stylistic boundaries far into the abyss. The guys played their asses off musically and Jeff’s guitar brilliance takes it another step beyond. I love the balance between old school raw organic and modern production electronica. I think we found a nice recipe of both to keep the listener interested and curious as to what will happen next.”

Adds Kevin Chown: “We have worked incredibly hard to create a work which is a statement as to the meaning of life itself.  Every title tells the story, the intensity of the music capturing the emotion. We have been there for each other as friends through each of our own personal Morbid Tangos, and now we are on a shared mission to demonstrate that art, as it always has, leads to truth. I personally, CAN’T WAIT for people to hear this record. And I can’t wait to officially perform as a member of this long time institution. It’s one of the greatest honors of my career.”

‘The Morbid Tango’ was conceived and recorded at Crumb West Studios in Simi Valley, CA, produced by the tandem of Shane Gaalaas and Jeff Kollman, and mixed by Gaalaas, with guest contributions coming from top L.A. session musicians Jeff Babko on keyboards, David Collier on percussion, and Jono Brown providing strings.

The Morbid Tango (2017)
Lights… Camera… ‘Squad! [live DVD] (2008)
Acid Test (2007)
Squadrophenia (2002)
Live At The Baked Potato (2001)
Cosmosquad (1997)

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